1. Daniel Craig Reportedly Insured For Nearly $10 Million

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-29

    Daniel Craig is reportedly being insured for as much as $10 million dollars for his work on the 22nd James Bond film.

    In an article posted at Showbiz Spy, a Quantum of Solace insider states that the producers are taking no chances when it comes to stunt and action-filled production.

    The insider said: ‘It’s fair to say that with this movie, Daniel’s insurance premiums have gone through the roof. I can’t say for sure how much but there has been talk of him being insured for at least a few million [pounds], even five.’

    ‘On Casino Royale Daniel did as many stunts as he could and he’s been doing the same with Quantum.’

    ‘But the stakes are a lot higher on this movie especially as there are a lot more action sequences.’

    A previous quote from Craig only confirms the actor’s desire to keep things as real as possibe when it comes to the stunts: ‘I love having that adrenaline rush. It makes you realize that you are mortal and that life must be enjoyed.’

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