1. Spy Video From 'Quantum of Solace' Lake Garda Press Conference

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-26

    A video has appeared online at YouTube highlighting the recent Quantum of Solace press conference which took place at Lake Garda, Italy last weekend.

    As previously reported, the event featured second unit director Dan Bradley, executive producer Anthony Waye and line producer Guido Cerasuolo in attendance.

    The video first shows off one of the Aston Martin DBS vehicles that was used in the filming of the car chase involving James Bond that will open the film.

    Viewers also get a first-hand look at the winding roads between Malcesine, Limone and Tremosine where the cars will be racing thanks to a camera mounted on the DBS.

    The recent crash on the 007 set involving one of the cars ramming into a filming lorry and then into a wall took place in the same general area.

    Watch online:

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