1. Second Car Crash On 'Quantum of Solace' Set In Italy

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-24

    A second major incident involving the car chase currently being filmed at Lake Garda, Italy for Quantum of Solace has taken place.

    According to a report posted at Trentino, a Greek stuntman has ended up in intensive care with head injuries after one of the vehicles being used on the James Bond set rammed into a filming lorry and then into a nearby wall.

    No Solace For Bond Stuntman After Second Crash

    The shooting of the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace is proving dangerous for stuntmen after a second crash Wednesday in just five days left one daredevil in intensive care.

    The accident happened when the car used by two stuntmen rammed into a filming lorry and then into a wall on set near the picturesque Lake Garda in northern Italy, ANSA news agency reported.

    One of the two men, a Greek national, ended up in intensive care in a hospital in the nearby town of Verona.

    This was not the first accident to befall the crew in recent days after a Bond stunt driver crashed 007’s famous Aston Martin DBS into Lake Garda ahead of filming on Saturday.

    The unnamed driver was taking the car on to the set when he lost control of the vehicle for reasons yet to be established and plunged into the lake.

    Sky Italia TV pictures later showed the car being winched back on to dry land, with ANSA reporting that the stuntman — quickly rescued by firemen — escaped with only minor bruising.

    A source said the car was the only one available for shooting, which has so far seen the crew move from England to Panama, Chile and Mexico. A further location trip to Spain is planned.

    Quantum of Solace, the second Bond film to feature 40-year-old British actor Daniel Craig as the suave secret agent is set to be released later this year. The film picks up where the last instalment Casino Royale left off.

    A photograph of the crash scene can be viewed at The Sun.

    The Trentino report notes that there were actually two vehicles involved, both of them Alfa Romeo 159s (which are being used as the cars for the villains in the scene).

    The first of the two vehicles, with dummies inside, was intended to crash into the lorry, but not the second (with the stuntman behind the wheel). Apparently, the first car managed to get dragged by the lorry, thereby causing the crash with the second.

    The stuntman reportedly had surgery for his injures. More information is expected to be released following a hospital visit by Quantum of Solace second unit director Dan Bradley.

    This news follows up a similar incident only a few days ago involving an Aston Martin DBS flying off a lakeside road into the lake after losing control.

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