1. 'Quantum of Solace' – Official Blog Report #5

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-22

    The official Quantum of Solace blog has been updated today with another crew member from the 22nd James Bond film: director of photography Roberto Schaefer.

    From Crackle: Blog: Roberto Schaefer

    Describing his job, Schaefer states: ‘Besides directing the photography, you’re directing the lighting, the camera positions, movement, setting up the shots…’

    ‘The process is organic, but it also has a base proecedure that’s built into it so that we don’t just arrive here on the day of shooting and start saying “Well, what should we do?”‘

    After a brief scene showing Schaefer and director Marc Forster in discussion, he said: ‘Marc and I wil go through a scene and he’ll tell me how he wants to block it.’

    ‘After about the first week of shooting, looking at the dailies, I was suddenly hit that we were doing a very retro, future kind of Bond film. I guess we’re just trying to make it visually stimulating.’

    In addition to working together on Quantum of Solace, Schaefer has been the director of photography on almost all of Forster’s previous films, including The Kite Runner, Stranger Than Fiction and Monster’s Ball.

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