1. Sebastian Faulks To Host Waterstone's Writer's Table

    By Kevin Wells on 2008-04-16

    Sebastian Faulks

    Sebastian Faulks will host Watersone’s first Writer’s Table during which he will compile a list of 40 books that influenced him as a writer according to theBookseller. The list will include children’s books, poetry, non-fiction, and modern bestsellers.

    “Quite a few of the books I would have liked on my table are, alas, out of print; but I hope that everyone will find something worthwhile to read or re-read in this list of forty. There are no duds here, only winners.”

    Selected books will be highlighted on Waterstone’s website and store beginning on 1 May. Faulks will also write about why he selected each book in the list.

    Faulks’ James Bond novel, Devil May Care, will be published worldwide on 28 May 2008.

    Keep watching for all the latest literary James Bond news.