1. Two Sir Sean Connery Biographies Coming Later This Year

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-14

    Two biographies focusing on Sir Sean Connery, Arise Sir Sean Connery by John Parker and Sean Connery: Neither Shaken Nor Stirred by Andrew Yule are due to be released later this year.

    Set for release in August and on 6 November (the latter just in time for the release of Quantum of Solace), respectively, both Arise Sir Sean Connery and Sean Connery: Neither Shaken Nor Stirred can currently be pre-ordered online at

    This new edition of Arise Sir Sean Connery marks the book’s arrival in paperback, while Sean Connery: Neither Shaken Nor Stirred will be a reprinted edition.

    The official blurbs follow:

    Arise Sir Sean Connery

    Sean Connery is one of the world’s few true superstars. The screen creator of James Bond has commanded some of the highest fees in Hollywood and is lauded by critics and public alike. In July 2000, his unique contribution to the world of film was recognized when he was accorded a knighthood. No other British actor has had such a high profile.Yet the man himself stands back from all the Hollywood razzmatazz, private, even reclusive. Now John Parker traces the astonishing rise to stardom of a tough street kid from Edinburgh who left school at the age of 13. Arriving in London with gold teeth and tattoos to seek his fortune in the meat market of body-building, Connery fought against snobbery and prejudice to become a self-taught Shakespearian actor. Then came the big break.Auditioning for the part of James bond, he told the producers with typical bluntness how Bond should be played – and his bristling attitude landed him the job. He became an overnight star. The most famous secret agent of them all, 007 became a monster which threatened to kill Connery as an actor.

    Sean Connery: Neither Shaken Nor Stirred

    This is a biography of the actor, Sean Connery, who was born and brought up in an Edinburgh tenement, the son of a van driver and a charlady. Having left school at 13 and had a variety of jobs, including brickie and milkman, he spent three years in the Navy until invalided out with ulcers, and took up body-building and won a bronze medal in a Mr Universe contest. Deciding on an acting career, he made his film debut in 1956 and the major break came with his appearance in the first James Bond film, “Dr No”. The book traces Connery’s career and also examines the contradictions of the man himself – one who is renowned for watching the pennies but gives generously to charities; a dedicated Scottish Nationalist who lives as an unrepentant tax exile; a star who sues film companies whilst being admired throughout the industry for professionalism, hard work and commitment; a sex symbol barely touched by scandal.

    In related news, a release date has been set for the paperback edition of Connery’s own official book, Being A Scot: 6 August 2009.

    The hardback will debut on 25 August this year, the same date of the Bond actor’s 78th birthday. For more details, check out this article.

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