1. Aston Martin Prepped For 'Quantum of Solace' Action Scene At Lake Garda

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-14
    Daniel Craig with the Aston Martin DBS

    Daniel Craig with the Aston Martin DBS

    WARNING: Possible spoilers

    As previously reported on, the Quantum of Solace production has moved to Italy for filming of the spectacular action sequences that will play out during the beginning of the film.

    One particular location, Lake Garda will be the sight of a chase involving James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS and several Alfa Romeo 159 TIs. A recent report noted that the ‘most spectacular sequence of all will see Bond’s classic Aston Martin tearing away from the scene of a collision at breakneck speed, leaving behind a car and a truck. The truck then explodes into flames and ends up in the lake.’

    The report further added that a specially designed net will catch the truck before it actually lands in the water.’

    Now, an article posted at Trentino has posted several exciting photographs of the Aston Martin and Alfa Romeos being prepared for the sequence by Quantum of Solace stuntmen.

    There will be five of each vehicle on hand for filming at Lake Garda.

    In addition, 007 fans can check out a 30-second video highlighting the preparations being made for the Aston on YouTube:

    Watch online at YouTube

    14 April has been previously announced as the date filming on this sequence commences.

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