1. April 007th Podcast Arrives!

    By The CBn Team on 2008-04-18

    I’m worried this month, Bond geeks.

    Not because I already had a LOT in store for you before the news deluge at the start of this month, oh no. Not because the Podcast this month runs at over 49 minutes so doesn’t have a pre-titles sequence, no no no. Not because so many of you keep writing in to me asking my opinion on the Amy Winehouse rumour, nope!

    It’s because this could be my last podcast ever!

    You see, I’m jumping out of a plane for charity next month. On Saturday 3rd May I’m leaping into the great beyond at 15,000ft….What if I don’t survive it?

    Ah well, If I’m going to do it I’d best go out with a bang (or at least a big splat), so I need YOU to make it worthwhile. If you enjoy the Podcast, then please please please pledge whatever you can afford RIGHT HERE!

    Evan Willnow
    Paul Dunphy Aside from my worries, I go about bringing you bang-up-to-date with all the latest Quantum of Solace news and rumour with all the dexterity of a Chilean Mayor at the helm of a jeep, fill you in on the literary developments from across the globe and let you hear my interview with Spin 1038, an Irish Radio Station.

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