1. Eon Inks Hollywood Deal

    By Matt Weston on 2008-04-11

    Times Online reports that Eon Productions, the force behind 22 James Bond films, has inked a deal with Hollywood studio Columbia Pictures that will see them produce a series of thrillers and family-oriented movies.

    Five projects are presently in development, with another 10 expected to be greenlit within the month.

    Among these are thriller Dark Winter, about the kidnapped daughter of a Russian oligarch, and comedy Divorcing Reno, about a suicidal man who gets a second chance.

    Alby James, Head of Development at the Eon Screenwriters Workshop, said the British writers had become accustomed to writing for the small screen. “Television is what we do well. But we must add to what we do.”

    Last month, it emerged that Eon Productions plans to back a remake of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, though it is unclear if this is part of the Columbia Pictures deal.

    To date, Eon Productions have made only one film outside of the blockbuster Bond franchise: 1963’s Call Me Bwana.

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