1. SPOILERS: No Quantum Of Solace For Dominic Greene

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-06
    Mathieu Amalric is Dominic Greene

    Mathieu Amalric is Dominic Greene in Quantum of Solace

    WARNING: Major spoilers

    Pretty big spoiler-news following. You’ve been warned.

    Quantum of Solace villain Mathieu Amalric has mentioned on several occasions in the past couple months that his character, Dominic Greene, will differ from past villains in the James Bond series when it comes to battling with 007.

    ‘He was supposed to have a secret skill. But we had this idea that maybe James Bond would be more surprised if the villain doesn’t know how to fight. Sometimes with anger you can be much more dangerous than with skill… I’m going to fight like in school,’ he stated previously.

    As explained in the recent USA Today report, the finale of Quantum of Solace takes place in the Atacama Desert in Chile, with Daniel Craig’s Bond pursuing Greene throughout his ‘eco-hotel’ headquarters (the Paranal Observatory in reality).

    A newly posted set report at AOL News appears to shed a lot of light on how Greene meets his end in the film, stating that ‘after getting the bad end of his own ax in a fight, [he] limps alone in a stark desert [and] stumbles to the red, rocky ground.’

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