1. 'Until my joints go I will keep going as Bond…'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-03
    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    WARNING: Major spoilers

    If Daniel Craig’s comments in a new interview posted at The Sun are anything to go by, the actor is going to be sticking around as James Bond for quite some time.

    Speaking from the Quantum of Solace set in Antofagasta, Chile along with producer Barbara Broccoli, he said: ‘Until my joints go I will keep going as Bond. I have no intention of giving up just yet.’

    ‘It’s important that we make the best movies possible, so I can hopefully sit back in semi-retirement at some point and look back and think they were wonderful movies.’

    When the lighthearted interview moved on to the topic of possible nude sequences in the 22nd 007 film, Broccoli interjected: ‘I’m trying to get him to take his clothes off every day.’

    ‘It’s not helped by her leaking to the press every day, “He might do, he might do”.’ Craig responds.

    The actor then adds: ‘There is a little nudity. It might not be full.’

    Having recently finished filming a scene where Bond runs full speed across the narrow rooftop of the Paranal Observatory in Chile’s Atacama Desert, a location which acts as the headquarters of villain Dominic Greene, Craig said: ‘I have been running up and down here all day and it does feel hard at this altitude.’

    ‘Apparently you feel a ton better when you get back down to sea level, which is something I am looking forward to.’

    Craig also commented on the filming schedule in what appears to be one of the most action-packed Bond films yet in the series.

    ‘We are going from stunt sequence to stunt sequence. We did a body flight thing where you are free-falling in a wind tunnel. That was tough.’

    ‘I did a two-day fight sequence which we had been rehearsing for two months. That was physically very hard–getting hit, basically.’

    Craig continued: ‘We are going to Siena in Italy next week and we are going to be working at heights. The speedboat sequence was also very hard. Filming on water is always difficult.’

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