1. Sir Sean Connery: The Spy We Love

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-02

    With 2008 marking the centenary of 007 creator Ian Fleming with a brand new novel, Devil May Care, as well as the return of the cinematic James Bond in Quantum of Solace, the United Airlines’ inflight Hemispheres magazine has decided to do a little celebrating of their own…

    HEMISPHERES Magazines Focuses on Bond, James Bond

    With the upcoming May centenary of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s birth, a new Bond book also out that month (Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks) and a new movie set to release this fall, the April 2008 issue of United Airlines’ inflight HEMISPHERES zeroes in on the world’s most famous spy.

    A rare magazine interview with Sean Connery breaks new ground with comments on the most recent Bond film and the modern Bond brand. An in-depth feature by world-renowned James Bond expert John Cork explores how the 007 phenomena permeates our culture. (Connery is quoted as saying the feature is “a very fine article, by the way.”)

    Several other pieces–including a Bond-themed crossword puzzle–will have Bond fans wanting more. Luckily, HEMISPHERES’ Web site provides it. A “007 Dossier” of exciting Bond-themed content fills a special HEMISPHERES Web site this month ( The “classified” Web folder is stuffed full of multimedia features and links, including a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Bond film; a look at Daniel Craig, the latest Bond actor (whom Connery comments on in his interview); and links to 007 travel destinations that have been featured in the magazine’s signature series, Three Perfect Days. There’s also a profile of one HEMISPHERES cover artist who portrayed a villain in a Bond film.

    “This is the topical type of editorial package we love to bring our readers,” says Randy Johnson, HEMISPHERES editor. “It has it all–news value, cinematic and literary relevance, pop culture, travel, and more. Even if you don’t fly United this month, I urge Bond fans to log on and be amazed at the impact this character has had.”

    Visit the official Hemispheres website.

    Keep watching for all the latest James Bond 007 coverage.