1. Ford Ka To Make An Appearance In 'Quantum of Solace'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-01

    While 007 fans have known for quite some time that the Aston Martin DBS will be back once again for Quantum of Solace, details have now emerged on a somewhat less ‘bondian’ car that will be making an appearance as well.

    Ecorazzi reports that James Bond will be seen driving an entry-level three-door hatchback Ford Ka.

    ‘When the Ka arrived on set everyone thought it was a wind-up,’ a source from the Bond set told the News Of The World. ‘Bond is famous for his high-powered flash motors. It’s part of the man’s make-up, but this isn’t sexy. Daniel knew he was getting a ribbing from the crew. The good news is that James will be back in an Aston later in this film.’

    Ford reportedly paid $35 million (roughly £17.7 million) for the appearance.

    Several fans on the Forums have also pointed out that this is likely the car that be briefly seen in the second official ‘Quantum of Solace’ newswrap video.

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