1. Daniel Craig Discusses His 'Flashbacks' Fading Star Character

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-03-27

    Daniel Craig recently spoke about his upcoming role as a Hollywood has-been in Flashbacks of a Fool.

    This is Nottingham reports that the James Bond star told Empire magazine that his role as ‘Joe Scot’ made him think about his own future.

    Flashbacks of a Fool tells the story of a hedonistic British actor whose Hollywood career is starting to nosedive as he hits his 40s. The death of his best friend from his English seaside childhood causes him to journey back home for the funeral, and prompts flashbacks to his teenage experiences, including the tragedy that forced him to flee for a new life.

    ‘It’s never too early to be a has-been!’ he said. ‘But that’s not the relevance. The important thing for me was always that, if you’re not looking after yourself, things will spin out of control.’

    Craig continued: ‘The story is very simple. Joe has driven himself right into a corner, and I kind of relate to that. I can understand wanting to hide away from everything, because people seem to be staring. It does get you down a bit.’

    ‘That’s why it seemed fun to do this film, to play around with that image. Who knows, maybe I will be something like Joe Scot in a few years time. Never say never!’

    He added: ‘There’s not a lot of point in being unduly optimistic about this business. It’ll turn around and bite you on the arse–that’s just the way it is. But, I mean, I liked this character when Baillie [Walsh] first wrote it, and I like it even more now that I can go, “Ah, maybe we can push it–play with the dark side a bit more”.’

    Craig stars in the film alongside Helen McCrory, Olivia Williams, Emilia Fox and Eve. Harry Eden will play the teenage ‘Joe Scot’ in the film.

    Directed by Baillie Walsh and produced by Lene Bausager and Damon Bryant, Craig will also be acting as executive producer.

    Flashbacks of a Fool debuts in UK theatres on 18 April.

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