1. Daniel Craig Says 'Quantum' Will Impress

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-03-22
    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is promising that his second turn as James Bond in Quantum of Solace impress 007 fans according to Digital Spy.

    The Bond actor has a particularly interesting way of measuring up how he think’s the film will turn out: ‘I can only gauge it by how much pain I’m in, and I think we’re doing pretty good,’ he said. ‘They’ve [the stunts] started to hurt.’

    And despite the occasional blank stares that result when fans are told the title of the 22nd 007 adventure, Craig has a different point of view:

    ‘I’m very happy with it. It encapsulates what the movie is at heart and a lot more which I can’t give away.’

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