1. New 'Quantum of Solace' Newswrap Video

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-03-19
    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    A new official Quantum of Solace newswrap video has made it’s way online at Reelz Channel featuring the cast and crew as well as location highlights for Daniel Craig’s second James Bond film.

    Starting things off, director Marc Forster commented on the importance he places on the exotic locales in the world of 007: ‘The locations, I think, are characters themselves. When you choose a location, the location as much as an actor, speaks for itself.’

    The video also highlights the Bond production shooting in then desert at Baja Caifornia, Mexico. Several shots of planes taking off and helicopters are included.

    ‘We’re down here filming the aerial sequence,’ said producer Michael G. Wilson. ‘We’ve had them throughout the career of the Bond films, but this one we wanted to kind of have a retro dogfight. These are propeller-driven planes, not jet planes. It’s the type of plane that drugrunners would have so it fits the location.’

    ‘For every one camera position up here in the mountains it takes three helicopter trips in and three helicopter trips out,’ said second-unit director Dan Bradley. ‘So it’s a pretty arduous task.’

    'Bond 22' director Marc Forster

    Bond 22 director Marc Forster

    ‘We have aerial cameras. We’ve got two cameras on an Aerostar and spacecams on helicopters. Then we have some very long lens that go on the ground.’

    DC3 pilot Skip Evans said of the requirements for this type of filming: ‘To work this airplane in the bottom of the canyons you’ve got to be physically strong just to maneuver the airplane.’

    The video then transitions of the Bond production in Panama, highlighting some of the filming in the streets of Panama City, including a brief exchange between Bond and Agent Fields (Gemma Arterton).

    ‘We’re in Panama City right now and Panama really has a diversity of cities and looks which is really useful for us,’ said Forster.

    As earlier mentioned today in the BBC One video, Arterton commented on filming at the location: ‘It was great working on the streets of Panama because you get a sense of what the real Panama City’s like. They’ve got so much life and character to them. It’s a brilliant location.’

    Olga Kurylenko is Camille

    Olga Kurylenko is Camille in Quantum of Solace

    ‘There’s also the party that will be shot here. It’s sort of a ruin I found that I really fell in love with,’ said Forster. The video shows a before-and-after comparison shot between the initial scouting of the location in October 2007 and it’s current redesign for the Quantum of Solace party sequence.

    Arterton also spoke about the party location, calling it a ‘brilliant place.’

    In the action sequences with Craig that follow, keen-eyed viewers can also get a brief glimpse at Jeffrey Wright’s Felix Leiter as well.

    Watch the full three-minute long Quantum of Solace newsrap online:

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