1. March 007th 2008 CBn Podcast

    By The CBn Team on 2008-03-15

    Yes, we know. It’ll be hard to top last month’s podcast, but we’ll give it the ol’ Double-O Section try.

    Evan Willnow
    Paul DunphyWith Quantum of Solace news still flying off the main page at breakneck speeds, this month brings another flowing-over-the-brim podcast.

    It’s not all Quantum of Solace though. There’s also a plethora (is that how you spell that? Yep, auto-spell check likes it) of Literary 007 news; including Devil May Care, the battle for The Battle for Bond, and Young Bond 5 gets a title.

    And collecting! Lots of collecting news.

    If that weren’t all enough, we may just get a real phone interview with producer Barbara Broccoli!

    And—with the video version of the podcast—it’ all presented in glorious WILLNOWVISION.

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