1. 'Ian Fleming's Secret War' Coming In August 2008

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-03-01

    In a year that is literally overflowing with Ian Fleming exhibitions, James Bond novel reprints, and endless other centenary-related events, it couldn’t hurt to throw in yet another book to the mix.

    Set to be published on 18 August 2008 by Pen & Sword Military is Ian Fleming’s Secret War by Craig Cabell.

    While details are very limited at this early date and an official blurb is yet to be announced, a few educated guesses as to what this book will be about can be made.

    A recent Worthing Herald article notes that Cabell is currently working on two books–one related to James Bond and the other on 30AU.

    30AU, or 30 Assault Unit, was a unit set up by Fleming during World War II in 1942, when he was the personal assistant to the director of naval intelligence. It’s goal was to undertake top secret intelligence-gathering missions, going in before Allied troops to make sure vital information was not destroyed.

    Cabell stated that the unit served as inspiration to the ultimate creation of 007. He specified one particular soldier, Patrick Dalzel-Job, who, it is rumoured, ‘was a crack shot, could navigate a mini-submarine, could ski backwards and had a compass concealed in his button.’

    The 224-page hardback can currently be pre-ordered online:

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