1. 'The Battle For Bond' To Be Pulled

    By Charles Helfenstein on 2008-02-28

    In a strange development that could only be tied to the lawsuit magnet codenamed Thunderball, has recently learned that the Ian Fleming Will Trust is banning the best-selling book The Battle for Bond, which details the origin of Bond’s convaluted trip to the silver screen.

    Tomahawk Publishers have suspended sales of the book, with the notice of the Ian Fleming Will Trust’s action prominently displayed above the book on their web site.

    Sources tell CBn that the action is related to Fleming correspondence from the Thunderball lawsuit which had never been previously published.

    CBn interviewed author Robert Sellers about his landmark work and have asked for his comment on the matter.

    As of this writing, copies of the book are still available on and the Amazon US web sites:

    CBn will keep you updated with all the latest developments regarding The Battle for Bond.