1. Paul Haggis On 'Quantum of Solace': 'It's not my title.'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-02-25
    Screenwriter Paul Haggis

    Screenwriter Paul Haggis

    While filming for Quantum of Solace has been going on for several weeks now, several fans who have been following the film from the start will recall breathing a sigh of relief when screenwriter Paul Haggis handed in the screenplay in late October–just in time to escape delays from the Writers Guild Strike.

    Since that point, actors have been cast, production began and a title was announced.

    MTV Movies got a chance to speak with Haggis (who also worked on the Casino Royale screenplay) on the Oscar red carpet last night.

    When asked if he could clarify the meaning of the title, Haggis responded: ‘I have no idea. It’s not my title.’

    The MTV report goes on to state that the screenwriter was less-than-enthusiastic about the choice of “Quantum of Solace“. ‘No comment’ was his official reply.

    ‘I’m not supposed to say anything [about the plot],’ Haggis added. ‘I finished it before the strike, and now they’re off shooting it. I haven’t actually heard from them, other than the fact that it’s going very, very well. And Marc’s doing a great job. That’s what I hear.’

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