1. Sebastian Faulks On The Ingredients Of 'Devil May Care'

    By Matt Weston on 2008-02-22

    “It’s a very traditional Bond story. It’s got all the bits that you like about the Bond adventures and none of the boring bits.”

    Sebastian Faulks

    With that statement, bestselling author Sebastian Faulks succinctly summarises the ingredients of his forthcoming James Bond novel, Devil May Care, written to coincide with the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth.

    The comments can be found in a brand new interview on the superb – and frequently updated – Devil May Care MySpace page.

    Faulks continues, “It’s got pace, adventure, it has not one, but two beautiful women.”

    “Ian Fleming loved trains; it has trains. He loved cars; there are cars. There’s also something I’ve discovered; a very, very exotic Cold War vehicle. I can’t really think how better to describe it. And, of course, it has high life. Adventure.”

    The author also offered his advice to 007 fans aspiring to write the book’s theme song as part of the world first competition found on the MySpace page.

    “If you just imagine, if you try to write a song for a novel which epitomises all the things you’ve liked about Bond before, then you’ll be fairly close, I hope, to what’s in Devil May Care.”

    Click here to watch the video interview.

    Meanwhile, in an earlier blog entry, Tuuli Shipster, who features on the novel’s cover art, discussed its creation.

    Devil May Care cover

    Model Tuuli Shipster features on the Devil May Care cover

    “Before I was finally cast, I went to meet the design team at Partners who showed me a mock-up of the cover to give me an idea of what they were ultimately looking for. It is such a striking image and I was delighted when I finally heard I’d been chosen to be a part of it.”

    “The shoot itself was great although physically quite demanding. In fact, after seeing the pose required, I practised back bends for a week to make sure I was up to it. It took a whole day to get the right shot and while we were shooting we listened to the Bond theme compilation CD to help get us in the right mood. In any case, it certainly helped me channel my inner Honey Rider!”

    Sebastian Faulks’ Devil May Care will be released worldwide on 28 May 2008.

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