1. Olga Kurylenko Discusses 'Quantum of Solace' With IGN

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-01-31
    Olga Kurylenko is Camille

    Olga Kurylenko is Camille in Quantum of Solace

    WARNING: Minor character spoilers

    Olga Kurylenko, who’ll be starring as leading Bond girl Camille in Quantum of Solace, took some time with IGN to discuss how she landed the role, the ‘feisty’ character, and the rather intense training required for this James Bond film.

    ‘First I went for general casting in Paris, then I got invited for an audition in London, then I did the final audition with Daniel [Craig],’ said Kurylenko when asked how she had gotten the role of Camille. ‘I just worked very hard. I worked non-stop with an accent coach because I have to speak with a South American accent, as she’s from Bolivia.’

    Olga Kurylenko

    Olga Kurylenko

    ‘[Camille] is a strong, feisty, independent woman. She is out there on her mission, driven by revenge.’ According to the 7 January press release, Camille ‘challenges Bond and helps him come to terms with the emotional consequences of Vesper’s betrayal.’

    Describing her character’s relationship with Daniel Craig’s 007, Kurylenko said: ‘In the beginning they come as opponents, but at a certain point they have to collaborate. They go through a lot of things together.’

    Kurylenko had previously stated that her role in the film will be quite physical and requires some fairly extensive training. ‘I’m going to be doing a lot of physical work–there’s so much action involved,’ she said. ‘I haven’t had such heavy training for any other movie before. I’m training non-stop from the morning to the evening. I’m learning a lot of new things that I didn’t know how to do before.’

    ‘I do fighting, stunts for fight scenes, I do body-flight, which is very physical–everything hurts after that. You come out of the tunnel and your whole body hurts. Work with weapons, car driving–it’s a real action movie.’

    'Quantum of Solace' Press Conference

    Quantum of Solace Press Conference
    Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton

    When asked if there were any specific weapons for Camille, she replied: ‘I’ve tried a few, but I hadn’t tried an automatic machine-gun before and that’s pretty impressive. But mainly guns.’

    ‘Who doesn’t want to be a Bond girl?’, was the simple answer to why she wanted the role.

    ‘Doing Bond is an amazing experience–I’ve seen other Bond movies and I liked them. I loved the last one, and Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond. I was looking forward to participating–it’s got a great plot, great action, and they choose people really carefully. Now that I’ve got here I see that there’s a lot of preparation goes into it and it’s like a family. It’s an amazing experience.’

    For more, including how her life has changed since landing the role in Quantum of Solace and the stereotypes of being a Bond girl, visit IGN for the complete interview with Olga Kurylenko.

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