1. 'Quantum of Solace' Natural Resource Revealed?

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-01-30
    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond in Quantum of Solace

    WARNING: Plot spoilers

    While the official plot synopsis for Quantum of Solace detailed the general plot of the film, one line in particular has been a point of discussion for several James Bond fans on the Forums:

    On a mission that leads him to Austria, Italy and South America, Bond discovers that Greene, conspiring to take total control of one of the world’s most important natural resources…

    What exactly is this natural resource? Several unusual ideas have been brought up, but Gemma Arterton may have revealed the answer, according to a Reuters report.

    Gemma Arterton is MI6 Agent Fields

    Gemma Arterton is MI6 Agent Fields

    When asked by reporters if she could talk about the plot of Quantum of Solace, the Bond girl gave little away apart from saying her character, Agent Fields, meets 007 in Bolivia, and that there is ‘a lot of oil’ involved.

    Arterton also explained how each copy of the script for Quantum of Solace was individually named, so that should one go missing, the studio would be able to identify the guilty party.

    ‘You have to work out what you can and cannot say,’ she said. ‘It’s quite hard for me who has a bit of a motor mouth. I’ve been learning for the last six months to think before I speak.’

    Arterton previously mentioned that her character ‘sort of comes to a sticky end.’

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