1. Mathieu Amalric Calls 'Quantum of Solace' "very dark"

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-01-27
    Mathieu Amalric is Dominic Greene

    Mathieu Amalric is Dominic Greene in Quantum of Solace

    WARNING: Minor plot spoilers

    Mathieu Amalric is featured in a brand new interview posted online at The Times. The actor, who’ll be going head to head with James Bond in Quantum of Solace as the film’s main villain, ‘Dominic Greene,’ briefly talked about accepting the role and also revealed a few minor spoilers…

    When asked about the offer to be the newest villain in the 007 series, Amalric explained that he simply couldn’t turn down the role: ‘Spending two days in a hotel doing interviews is not my goal. No, I could be with my kids. I could be making love. That’s real life. Surprising my girlfriend, going to Lisbon for two days, you know, that’s life. But I couldn’t resist it. My two boys, who are 8 and 10–I can’t tell them one day that I refused to be the villain in a Bond movie.’

    Amalric further said that he has always enjoyed the Bond films and confessed that since the age of 18, he has used 0007 as a pin number. After mentioning several actors who took their turn as the newest Bond villain, Amalric stated: ‘Just the best actors in the world.’

    Mathieu Amalric

    Mathieu Amalric

    He did say that before accepting the role, he asked veteran actor Michael Lonsdale, best known by Bond fans as Sir Hugo Drax in 1979’s Moonraker, how the role had affected his career. ‘It didn’t change his life,’ said Amalric.

    Amalric went on to call Quantum of Solace a ‘very dark’ film and his role as Greene being extremely physical, citing a big fight with Bond towards the end. ‘I’ll have to be in shape for it,’ he said.

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