1. 4,500 Applicants At Bregenz 007 Extras Casting

    By Heiko Baumann on 2008-01-20

    Reports from the casting of 1,500 extras for the shooting of the 22nd James
    Bond movie in Bregenz are in, and there were three times as much applicants as
    needed: 4,500 (55% male, 45 % female). After the first, slightly chaotic day on
    Friday (with a certain lack of safety precautions), there was a huge run on the
    casting on Saturday, and a more quiet final day on Sunday.

    Not only people from Austria, Switzerland and Germany were waiting up to 4 hours
    in line for their turn. Karin Gmuer of the local production company Unicorn who
    undertook the casting, reported that they even had email requests from Holland,
    Belgium and Scandinavia. The Swiss James Bond Fan Club, lead by president Daniel
    Haberthuer, showed up with 44 members.

    Once people got inside (in groups of 5-10), they were handed a questionaire to
    fill in. People’s measures were taken, especially head sizes. "It could happen
    that the director gets the idea that he could use a number of policemen fo a
    scene, and instead of searching fitting uniform hats for those extras, it’s
    easier for use to pick extras with the correct head sizes to wear the hats we
    already have." says Unicorn boss Leonard Gmuer. Everyone got their mugshot taken,
    holding a card with a number in their hands. A set of captioned pictures on the
    casting process has been kindly contributed by German fan Erik Wunderlich (click
    on thumbnail pictures to enlarge)

    As to the "casting" of cars, one could learn that te production company is
    looking for about 40 luxury cars, Mercedes Benz S-Class upwards.

    It’s intersting that during the whole process, officials always emphasized that
    the casting is for a "possible shooting", as contracts for shooting the ‘Tosca’
    scenes at the floating stage still aren’t signed. There have been rumours a
    while ago that this is because of the fact that the original opera cast was
    hired for stage performances but not an eventual appearance in a movie – and now
    they demand higher wages for it.

    An intersting number of other tidbits came to light during the casting, some of
    which may be considered as spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anyting of
    those, stop reading HERE!

    You still with us? Okay, the first bit is not really a spoiler. During the "cars
    casting", it became clear that there’s one brand that won’t be used as "extra
    car", as the movies bad guy (Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene) will use it: a
    Jaguar. Feldkirch will double as part of Bregenz, only a short driving scene
    will be shot there – no action, just something like an arrival scene, in which
    007 will drive a Volvo.

    As to the Tosca scenes, it was reported that the opera perfomance will be
    interrupted by 007 chasing a bad guy across the grandstand, through the audience.
    The chase will then continue in the Bregenz Festival House. The entire scene
    will take about 5 minutes.

    Other sources report that there will be a boat chase on Lake Constance. While
    this may be a speculation related to the pictures of Daniel Craig practising on
    a speedboat, there is a bit of more solid information on boats: Leonard Gmuer
    told German newspapers that none of the locations scouted in Germany were picked
    for the movie, but that a German ship on lake Constance will play a small role. will keep you updated with all the latest news and details
    on Bond 22.