1. SPOILERS: 'There is a connection there, yes…'

    By Tim Roth on 2008-01-13
    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig

    Film website Rotten
    has scored the first interview with Daniel Craig since Bond 22
    started filming 10 days ago. The following extracts
    contain some spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anything about
    Bond 22
    plot, better not read this article.

    First of all, according to Craig, there is no title yet, not even behind the
    scenes. When Rotten Tomatoes suggested in
    an ironic way "The Lady Expects Too Much" as title, Daniel Craig laughingly asked, "Really, is that the rumour?
    That’s quite good. I should write that one down…"

    The more interesting part of the advance publication of the full interview
    focused on the plot. Craig said, "It carries on from where the last one stopped.
    We set up in the last one that there’s this organisation that is destabilising
    the world’s economy because they want to take it over, and that’s his job now,
    to go out and stop them." This statement corresponds with statements from an old
    Daniel Craig interview in
    2006. Back then, he said, "We have a group of people in
    Casino Royale
    that are led by Le Chiffre; at least we think they’re led
    by Le Chiffre. They’re trying to destabilize the world with money, they’re using
    money as the tool… They don’t care who they kill or who they displace. And we
    don’t know who the top man is yet. Hopefully we’ll find out who that is in the
    next Bond movie." Quite.

    Matthieu Amalric

    Matthieu Amalric

    Craig also commented on the casting of Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene: "I’m
    over the moon with his casting. I met him very briefly on

    but I didn’t do any scenes with him.
    Now I’ve got to know him on
    Bond 22
    and thought it was amazing." When asked if Amalric was going to play the heavily
    cited Algerian boyfriend of
    Vesper, Craig stated, "There is a connection there, yes…"

    Also, Craig revealed that he did not have to shoot any action scenes so far.
    "We start that next week so I’m sure I’m going to be walking wounded for the
    next six months from next week." He feels very happy about the choice of Marc
    Forster as director: "The fact that Marc Forster’s come in to direct it just
    makes my job a lot easier. He’s taken care of a lot of stuff that I just don’t
    have to think about and I’m just getting on with acting."

    And, he says, the pressure of taking on the mantle of James Bond gets no
    easier. "I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable with it," he said, "I mean,
    it’s James Bond. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to that place and get Zen about
    it; it’s not that kind of role. But I’m enjoying what we’ve shot so far and I’m
    planning to enjoy as much as I can of this filming process. Because, otherwise,
    why do it? I think the pressure is plain to see. We’ve got to make it as good if
    not better than the last one, and that’s the thing that matters. I don’t think
    you can say there’s ever less pressure when you make a $200 million movie." Check out Rotten
    for the full article.

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