1. Another Swiss in 'Bond 22'?

    By Tim Roth on 2008-01-12
    Philipp von Schulthess

    Philipp von Schulthess

    Swiss-born actor Anatole Taubman, who landed a role as villain in Bond 22 and
    director Marc Forster, who grew up in Switzerland are possibly not the only
    Swiss working on the latest James Bond film. The German-speaking online magazine
    reports today that Zurich-born actor Philipp von Schulthess has auditioned for a
    role in Bond 22.

    His press agent Sohela Emami told the magazine: "He in fact auditioned for a
    role and it doesn’t look to bad for him. He could land a role in the latest
    James Bond film". No contracts have been signed yet. The 32 year old is a
    well-known Swiss stage actor, who recently landed his first big cinema role
    alongside Tom Cruise in Valkyrie, a film about von Schulthess’s grandfather,
    Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, who failed in assassinating Adolf Hitler in

    As the key roles for Bond 22 are already casted, speculation is that Philipp
    von Schulthess’s possible role will be a minor one.

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