1. The First Podcast of 2008 is Born!

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2008-01-12

    2007 is dead. It’s 2008 now. And we have to get used to it *sigh*.

    So, with this terrible truth in mind and my voice completely back to normal, I came up with something to help you get used to the horrible change in digits.

    That something is this month’s edition of the CommanderBond,net Podcast.Evan Willnow
    Paul Dunphy 20 minutes of Bondian bliss to help you start the year the way Fleming intended. Probably. And talking of Fleming, he comes up a lot this month, because 2008 is his year. I steal Chris Wright’s gig (sorry Chris) and give you an audio round-up of what’s planned for Fleming’s Centenary and what treats we can expect to be flung in our direction from Eon and Activision among others, and I give you all the latest Bond 22 developments and literary news from around the globe.

    If you’re unsure which version of the Podcast to download, I wholheartedly advise you download the Podcast in the “Enhanced” format, as listeners have the added benefit of “Willnowvision”, in which Evan Willnow has enhanced the silky strains of my voice with flashy pictures and sexy chapters and stuff.

    Until next month, my lovelies!

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