1. 'GoldenEye' Review

    By David Winter on 2001-07-12

    GoldenEye definitely sets the standards of first-person shooters. Anything below it is not even worth buying.

    GoldenEye is based on James Bond 17th adventure. In the game you are Bond… James Bond, and must stop the world being destroyed by a Complicated Russian Space Weapon called Goldeneye (dah!) A satellite able to create an explosion in the atmosphere, sending an EMP throughout a thirty mile radius.

    A new revolutionary chopper, known as the EuroCopter has been stolen right in front of the worlds highest military representatives, And workers at the Severnaya Weapons Facility in Russia are brutally murdered and the base is mysteriously hit by a massive electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), Wiping out all electronic devices. The Russian Government says it was a training accident gone wrong, Although MI-6 finds a connection between the “accident” and the stolen Helicopter, and that it was no accident. Using a lead they find Goldenye has fallen into the hands of a crime Syndicate JANUS. You mission is to find and stop GoldenEye at any cost!

    Goldeneye is a first-person shooter, using Doom-style play but more. First of all you have an amazing array of gadgets and weapons, from a Hunting knife, your trusty PPK, AR33 machine gun to the Moonraker laser! Gadgets also include laser watch, remote mine’s to Door decoders! No doubt you have a wide selection to choose from. The A.I in this game is incredible! When you use a loud weapon, they coming running to you, but if you use a silenced weapon they continue on doing whatever they were doing, swatting flies, scratching their butts–yes!–scratching their butts! Also another great thing is they mostly all die differently (say you shoot them in the groin the grab their “area” and hunch over and fall head first! Or if you shoot them in the butt the jump up an grap to their toush.

    The have made this game so similar to the movie. Each level is to be made almost exactly the same as in the movie, for example, in the facility level, the layout is exactly the same and when you enter the level you?ll be jumping up and down on your seating yelling “I’m in the movie, I’m in the Movie!”

    And on the Tank level you jump into and control a tank! And the buildings are the same as in the movie, even the posters on the walls!

    Also the Mulitplayer is amazing! Up to four players can play at a time! You have a choice of modes, such as, You Only Live Twice (explains itself), The Man With The Golden Gun (One shot kills) and others. You can also choose from levels from the main game.

    (And one last thing, when you shoot the walls or glass, it leaves a bullet hole, and the explosions look real and leave smoke afterwards!)

    I could go on forever about this game, but I can’t type as fast as I think, and I have to keep it short.

    A great game, and the first of it’s kind, I say If you don’t already have it, get it!