1. 'Bond 22' Shooting In Panama Confirmed

    By Tim Roth on 2008-01-09
    Panama's El Casco Antiguo (Old Quarters)

    Panama’s El Casco Antiguo (Old Quarters)

    As already
    assumed, James Bond will
    head to Latin America in Daniel Craig’s second outing as Agent 007.

    Associated Press
    reports today, that shooting will begin in the middle
    of February in a colonial neighbourhood of the capital of Panama City.

    Filming will take place in at least two sites of the so-called Casco Antiguo
    (“old quarter”) of the city on the Pacific coast, which has been declared a
    World Heritage Site by UNESCO. According to AP, the seat of the National
    Institute of Culture and some private buildings will be used for shooting. The
    filming will last about a week and will be conducted mainly in the afternoon and
    evening, according to Ariel Espino, director of the Office of the Casco Antiguo.

    Espino met with the head of location scouting of EON Productions a month ago.
    "We offered full cooperation, helping to manage traffic and isolate the area of
    cars and people during the shooting", said Espino, who hopes that the finished
    Bond film attracts tourists from around the world to Casco Antiguo. Additional
    scenes for Bond 22 will also be shot in the province of Colon, north of the
    capital. As reported by CBn
    in December, approximately 700 Panamanian extras will be needed for shooting.

    It is not yet known whether Panama will be Panama in the finished film or
    double for another, possible fictious South American country. To avoid problems
    with South American governments, the fictious country of "Isthmus" was created
    for 1989’s License To Kill. In 2002, after the release of Die Another Day,
    people from both Koreas demonstrated against the 20th James Bond film, as people
    felt that North Korea was portrayed as being an evil country. Furhermore, it was
    reported that Panama will
    double for a South American country back in September. In other words, there is
    a relative high possibility that Panama will not portray Panama.

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