1. James Bond Special On MythBusters, 16 January

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-01-05

    James Bond will be the center of attention in a special one-hour episode of MythBusters on 16 January 2008.

    “The name’s Hyneman. James Hyneman.” It’s tuxedos and martinis as the Mythbusters take on 007 in this James Bond special one-hour episode. Our stealthy secret agents are on a mission to explode the myths about Bond’s gadgets, getaways, and guns.

    This James Bond special (part one of two) is set to air on The Science Channel (Discovery Science) on Wednesday, 16 January at 9:00pm (EST). It will be aired again at 1:00am and 8:00pm on the 17th and at 12:00am on the 18th.

    MythBusters – James Bond Special
    Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2008
    Time: 9:00pm (EST)
    Channel: The Science Channel (Discovery Science)

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