1. Spy Report: The James Bond 20 Script

    By daniel on 2001-08-08

    It’s been circulating the internet for sometime now and has received major attentioned from a lot of websites. It’s really hard to say where one stands and what is true and what isn’t, so let’s try and just deliver the facts.

    I must warn everyone that this includes heavy film spoilers and for that reason you’re going to have to highlight the text to read. If you can’t highlight the text (perhaps you use WebTV?) then you can select our ‘Printer Friendly Version’ function from above (just below the articles headline) to view the full story.

    Highlight To Read: For reasons of simplicity I’ve split up all the details into simple point format, hopefully it will help clear up issues. Please also note that this article assumes that the treatment ‘Final Assignment’ does exist, which it does, but CommanderBond.Net still insists that the script is a fan treatment and not official work.

    • I can confirm that with some dependance on only partially verified sources there is a treatment for the next Bond film called ‘Final Assignment’, it is unlikely however that this title will also be the films title. Consider it a working title.
    • This treatment, and later script, was based on a very simple notion, “The next great threat against the world will not come by land, air or sea. It will come by computer.”
    • Other Bond sites have pushed the idea of ‘mind control’ being a central plot to the film. With that I must confess I haven’t read all the reports on other Bond sites for various reasons. I’m told that ‘mind control’ is only a sub plot. And that for most of a year the script and treatment has seen the main villain, who we will discuss later, using “cyber-terrorism against the free world.”
    • The villains name is not William Saten nor David Saten. The correct surname is in fact Satén, and the family holds a French nationality. This spelling change partially removes the comparison between Saten and Satan.
    • As for the villains industy, he does own one of the worlds largest internet companies. The main villain is David Satén, his father William does make an appearance. His company is called SATCOMM (most likely Satén Communications).
    • The script does deal with the origins of the 00 Section of MI6. However, it is only ever hinted that Bond’s father could have been a 00 Agent.

    Well that is all we can cross verify at this stage. There is plenty more information floating around the internet so do expect more comments from Bond 20 @ CommanderBond.Net, we can assure you that they’re coming your way! Please do check our the Bond 20 Forums. There are about five or six different topics floating around the board about this ‘leaked’ script. I must warn you that a lot of these topics contain ‘spoilers’.

    Finally is this the Bond 20 Script? Heavens no. A lot of people seem to indicate or atleast believe it is, while a lot of others are dead certain it isn’t. Personally I have mixed reactions. While it’s professionally written (ie. in proper script format) and has some concepts that have come across my desk from extremely reliable sources there are somethings that just don’t add up! Feel free to e-mail me with your own thoughs, [email protected].