1. The CBn Christmas 2007 Podcast

    By Evan Willnow on 2007-12-22

    It’s Christmas time for Bond fans, but Mr. Dunphy has a cold, so this go around is a short one; pretty much Bond 22 and the announcement of the winner’s of last month’s competiton. Evan WillnowPaul DunphyThere are some good bits in the podcast this month. And, yes, it is Paul rather scratchy voice hosting (bless him). Plus there is some Christmas-time Willnowvision.

    But be honest, you still have shopping to do anyway.

    If you’re not sure which version of the Podcast you should know download, may we recommend the Podcast in the “Enhanced” format, as listeners have the added benefit of links to the related stories and “Willnowvision”, where I spend the day pulling together pictures I think you might like to looking at while listening to Paul’s usually dreamy voice.

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