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  1. Dame Judi In The Dark Over 'Bond 22'

    Dame Judi Dench

    Dame Judi Dench

    With shooting on Daniel Craig’s second James Bond film due to begin in roughly two weeks, Dame Judi Dench has revealed that she’s being kept in the dark over exactly what one can expect in this upcoming 007 adventure.

    Digital Spy reports that the Oscar-winning actress admitted the producers are keeping a lid on Bond 22 plot details in an effort to prevent the story from leaking.

    She said: ‘It’s all so secretive. I’ve only been told that this will be an original storyline – and that’s it.’

    ‘I wasn’t remotely surprised about the success of Casino Royale and I’m sure we can surpass that this time.’

    Back in mid-November, reported that Dame Judi would once again be joining Craig’s 007 in the field for Bond 22 (while also confirming Panama as a location for the film).

    In related news, CBn can also report on at least one Casino Royale cast member who won’t be returning for Bond 22: Tobias Menzies.

    Menzies, who had the brief role of Villiers, M’s assistant in Casino Royale, wrote on his Myspace blog: ‘Sad news for all Villiers fans, he is no more! Casino Royale was his first and last stand. May he rest in peace.’

    Keep watching for all the latest coverage and details on Daniel Craig’s upcoming 007 film.

    Devin Zydel @ 2007-12-20