1. James Bond Included On Master Replicas 2008 Product Line

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-12-19

    Master Replicas, a company that has made replica products for a variety of licences, including James Bond and Star Wars, announced their planned product line for 2008.

    Amongst several other Star Trek, Halo and Nintendo-related products, James Bond made is included with the following items:

    • The Golden Gun LE
    • The Golden Gun SE
    • Underwater Breather LE (from Die Another Day)
    • Wrist Dart Gun LE (from Moonraker)

    Note that the above is just a sampling of 007-related items planned for 2008 and more could follow. Specific release dates were not announced.

    Past Bond products from Master Replicas include the limited edition Aston Martin DB5 and DBS from Casino Royale and the Casino Royale film can with Carta Mundi card pack set (the latter is still available to purchase on the official website).

    Keep watching for all the latest news from the world of 007.