1. Villain #3? – Joaquin Cosio Reportedly Cast

    By Tim Roth on 2007-12-18
    'Joaquin Cosio

    Joaquin Cosio

    It seems as if James Bond will be facing more than one enemy in Bond 22. After the
    confirmed castings of French Mathieu Amalric and Swiss Anatole Taubman, Mexican
    actor Jaquin Cosio claims to have landed the role of a Latin American General
    called "General Medrano". Mexican newspaper

    El Diario
    runs a big story on the casting in today’s issue.

    "There are various enemies, and I’m one of them. I’m General Medrano, Bond’s
    enemy in Latin America, but there are other enemies waiting in Europe for Bond",
    he told El Diario while phoning from Mexico City. According to the actor,
    he was chosen from a list of about 500 Latin American actors, among them stars
    such as Daniel Jimenez Cach (Y tu Mama Tambien).

    "I’m really pleased to be chosen to participate in such a huge film, it’s a
    great achievement that the film will feature a Mexican actor" the 45-year old told the
    newspaper. Shooting will start for him in early February 2008. "I still don’t know
    much of the script, I don’t really know what my scenes will be like, but I know
    that I’m going to film in Panama, Bolivia and London", the actor said. Related
    to this, CBn has just learned that Anatole Taubman is also scheduled for a
    Bolivia shoot, which makes Bolivia the fifth official location for Bond 22. Other
    locations include Italy, Austria, Panama and England.

    Cosio also confirmed what has been rumoured long before: Italian actor
    Giancarlo Giannini will reprise his role as Rene Mathis from Casino Royale. "I’m
    very delighted to be in one film with Giannini and Judi Dench", the Mexican said.
    Still, "so far I’m not thinking about leaving for Hollywood after Bond 22. I’m
    very pleased with how my latest projects are going here in Mexcio."

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