1. Anatole Taubman Speaks Out On His Role

    By Tim Roth on 2007-12-14
    'Bond 22' villain Anatole Taubman

    Bond 22 villain Anatole Taubman

    Anatole Taubman, who scored a villain role in Bond 22
    earlier this week, has given different German-speaking media hints and tid-bits about his engagement in
    Bond 22.

    "I’m playing – besides Mathieu Amalric – the second big villain of
    James Bond in the film. It’s not the henchman kind of thing, it’s a really big
    role. I’m not allowed to tell you more", Taubman stated in an interview with
    and added that he had to sign a "Non Disclosure Agreement".
    "Everyone who is signed on Bond has to accept it. Every detail is protected."
    Asked, whether he had already seen the script, Taubman said: "I alreay received
    a copy, but I treat it like a treasure. I even don’t take it with me when I need
    to go abroad."

    Taubman also spoke out on director Marc Forster and their Swiss connection (interestingly
    enough, Marc Forster doesn’t even have a Swiss passport – actually, he’s a
    German who grew up in Switzerland, but he is always refered to as a "Swiss"). "I
    don’t think that I got the role because I’m Swiss. The only difference to other
    auditions was that the director welcomed me in Swiss German language." Taubman
    thinks highly of Forster: "The job is quite a challenge for Marc, but otherwise
    he wouldn’t have accepted the offer at all. Because of Daniel Craig, the James
    Bond character has been re-invented in the last film. So this makes a further
    development of the character possible. And because of Marc Forster, the 22nd
    Bond film will become a great one! His films are coined by sensibility and
    character depth."

    In another interview with Swiss newspaper
    Forster precised that his film’s character is French. "My wife and my children
    are the most important things in my life. They are my foundation. Although the
    Bond film role is a golden ticket, the working part is yet to come. And
    it is much work – at last, I want to go down as a bad Frenchman into Bond history!"

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