1. Gemma Arterton Cast As Bond Girl?

    By Tim Roth on 2007-12-14
    'Gemma Arterton

    Gemma Arterton

    According to corresponding article’s in today’s


    Daily Mail
    , 22 year old British actress Gemma Arterton has won the audition
    for a Bond girl role in Bond 22. Still, there remain big doubts about the
    validity of these articles.

    Little known Arterton beat out 1,500 other women to win the part, according
    to the papers. The reports claim an insider at Eon Productions said of
    Arterton: "Gemma has the modern look and fits perfectly with the new vulnerable
    image of Bond." According to the "Daily Mail", Gemma learned of her success only
    this week and has been sworn to secrecy until the complete cast is revealed
    later this month. "The Sun" claims that Gemma sent her mother Sally a text
    saying: "I got Bond!" Interestingly enough, Mother Craig also broke the news of
    her son being cast as James Bond.

    What makes the story doubtful is the fact that the last information Bond fans got
    was that producers are looking for a South American Bond girl and that auditions
    had taken place in Brazil and Panama. There is also the possibility that Arteron
    has landed a minor role in Bond 22 and tabloids are vaporizing up the story.
    Bond fans will know by the end of the month.

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