1. Austria Becoming More And More Likely For 'Bond 22'

    By Heiko Baumann on 2007-12-12
    Festival House in Bregenz

    Festival House in Bregenz
    (Image copyright Bruno Klomfar)

    Shooting for Bond 22 in Austria is becoming more and more likely. Austrian media report today that Swiss movie company Unicorn, who has previously worked on two James Bond movies, GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies, has been hired as local production company in the Vorarlberg region. Unicorn Boss Leonhard Gmür has confirmed that his company is already at work and that a casting of 1,500 extras will take place in January.

    No contracts between Unicorn and the Bregenz Festival have been signed yet, but negotiations with the leading team for the Tosca production who has to agree on the use of the stage design and direction are currently going on. An agreement will hopefully be found before the end of 2007.

    Floating Stage with 'Tosca' Set

    Floating Stage with ‘Tosca’ Set (Image copyright Bregenz Festival, Karl Forster)

    Because of this situation, there is no fixed schedule, but it is planned to start shooting on the Bregenz floating stage by 27 April. These scenes are intended to be filmed at nighttime. Also, a short driving scene will be shot in Feldkirch.

    Austria was first mentioned for Bond 22 back in July when the “Seebühne” (Floating Stage) in Bregenz was brought up as a possible location. will keep you updated with all the latest news and details on the locations to feature in Bond 22.