1. Bizarre Creations Behind The Wheel Of Activision's Second Bond Game?

    By Matt Weston on 2007-12-11

    Word around the web today is that Bizarre Creations, who were recently acquired by Activision, are developing the company’s second James Bond video game.

    Gaming site relay a report from the new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly that suggests Bizarre, best known for Project Gotham Racing, are working on a James Bond project that will “focus a lot on driving”.

    In their coverage of the news, K1Bond007 reports that they heard similar rumours about Bizarre developing Activision’s second 007 game.

    It was first revealed in November that Activision had two James Bond games in development, while it has been speculated for some time that the first of these will be based upon Bond 22.

    The last wholly vehicle-based James Bond game was Electronic Arts’ 2000 effort, 007 Racing, which appeared on Sony PlayStation; however, subsequent instalments from the company have also featured 007 in the driver’s seat.

    Keep watching for the latest James Bond gaming news.