1. Another Look At The Rumoured Girls Of Bond 20

    By daniel on 2001-08-06

    With it being known that Pierce Brosnan will play James Bond, as it has for sometime, interest now turns to other aspects of Bond 20. Variety has all but confirmed that Lee Tamahori will direct Bond 20, so where do we turn now? To the Bond girls of course!

    Since the last time we featured an article like this a fair bit of news has emerged. One thing that we can be sure of is that within the next few months we will know a lot more about Bond 20 including the actors invovled. Here’s a list of some of the girls rumoured and our thoughts on them:

    Mariah Carey

    Birthdate: 27th of March, 1970

    Birthplace: England

    Another American singer interested in a role in Bond 20 apparently. Having just finished her first film, which is yet to premiere, Carey could be an interesting idea for Bond 20; but then again we heard the same of Whitney Houston. Personally I doubt we’ll see Carey in the project, especially after her recent ‘break-down’ of sorts.

    Ingrid Devatova

    Birthdate: 31st of January, 1970

    Birthplace: Slovakia

    A model and actress based in the UK Devatova was rumoured to be screen-testing as a kick boxing girl for Bond 20. The origins of this rumours could never be fully tracker but I’d personally say that Devatova has the potential for atleast a minor role in the series.

    Minnie Driver

    Birthdate: (Unknown)

    Birthplace: Slovakia

    Having played Irina in GoldenEye Driver is well known around EON Productions. After more success in recent films it’s quite possible that Driver would be a lot more marketable on todays market, therefore she has more chance of getting a role. While EON have been known to cast unknowns actors such as Denise Richards have become quite well known before getting their roles but haven’t done a huge amount of work. I’d say it’s the same in Driver’s case.

    Kirsty Gallacher

    Birthdate: 1976

    Birthplace: Scotland

    Gallacher revealed herself that she was trying for a role in Bond 20, articles revealed it was for the part of a kick-boxing bad guy. While she’s had little acting experience I can only personally imagine that the kick-boxing role is a minor role meaning it isn’t exactly her acting skills producers were after. I’d say she was still in with a chance.

    Whitney Houston

    Birthdate: 9th of August, 1963

    Birthplace: USA

    This is the first and only rumour confirmed by MGM and EON, who both confirmed that Houston was in talks with EON and Producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli would both meet with Houston at some stage. If she will be in Bond 20 she’s already signed the contract. So I expect we’ll know soon enough! But she’s probably the most ‘official’ thing we have so far!

    Daisy Lang

    Birthdate: 4th of April, 1972

    Birthplace: Bulgaria

    Lang is another of those ‘boxing-girl’ rumours, which would make sense as she is a professional kick-boxer with a small bit of film experience. Whether or not she’ll appear in Bond 20 is of course up to EON, who apparently have already screentested her. Just as I think Kirsty Gallacher and Ingrid Devatova are in with a chance, I’d say Lang is as well.

    Gretchen Mol

    Birthdate: 8th of November, 1973

    Birthplace: Connecticut

    Mol was rumoured so very early in 2000 by a magazine called Domain. By now, late in 2001, my guess would be that this cute blonde will not be in Bond 20.

    Charlize Theron

    Birthdate: 7th of August, 1975

    Birthplace: South Africa

    Theron was first mentioned in an interview by Pierce Brosnan, he commented that he wouldn’t mind seeing her as the Bond girl in the future. Does this line her up for a role in Bond 20? I very much doubt it. While I’m sure that Brosnan has some creative input it wouldn’t gaurntee her a role in the film, the final decision would of course lie with EON Productions.

    Michelle Yeoh

    Birthdate: 6th of August, 1962

    Birthplace: Malaysia

    The rumour about the return of Yeoh’s character Wai Lin is one of the most interesting. Yeoh herself told reporters that her agent was holding discussions with producers about returning to the next Bond movie. Will she return? It would be a first for the series if she returned as the same character and personally I doubt she’d return as anything else.

    There have been plenty of other names in there. The best thing to do is check out the Bond 20 Forums! All the rumoured Bond 20 Girls have been discussed there so it is a definite section to check out! For full information though search through the Bond 20 News archive, which has the full news about all rumoured girls. I must thank David Ebersole who originally wrote a similair article to this, this is just a more updated version.