1. Craig Talks 'Bond 22' Rumours

    By Matt Weston on 2007-11-27

    In an interview with, Daniel Craig discussed a number of rumours currently circulating about the next James Bond picture.

    Daniel Craig as James Bond

    Daniel Craig as James Bond

    Of the rumours that French actor Mathieu Amalric has landed the role of the film’s villain, Craig said, “Maybe. I’m the wrong source.”

    When asked about locations for Bond 22, the actor replied, “We’re going to start Central America, in Italy, maybe Austria. And Pinewood, obviously.” However, when prompted whether Austria meant skiing, Craig simply responded, “No.”

    Austria has been rumoured as a possible location for some time, while Panama has also been considered; Dame Judi Dench recently revealed her character would be headed there in Bond 22.

    Craig continued, “It will actually follow on quite closely after the last story. That’s in, sort of elements of what happened in the last movie are going to be putting over into this one, yeah.”

    Craig also discussed his desire to have Casino Royale as a more down-to-earth 007 film. “At two hundred million dollars it really was scaled down,” Craig laughed. “Um, the fact that the Bond movies are out, they were. They’re great movies, I mean I’ve watched all of them they’re really, they really work. But for me I wanted, my basis and what I kind of wanted is that I’m a fan of the very early Bond movies, the early Sean Connerys, Dr. No, and From Russia With Love and I wanted to put it back in that mold. And whatever you do, you know, these are Bond movies. There has to be an element of style, there has to be an element of something that’s quintessentially James Bond about the movies. I could name any influence that’s happened over the last thirty years that’s influenced my decision and my feelings about Casino Royale, but James Bond is James Bond.”

    Bond 22 begins filming on 4 January 2008.

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