1. 'Bond 22' Filming To Commence 4 January 2008

    By Matt Weston on 2007-11-26

    As the press rounds for The Golden Compass continue, Daniel Craig is dropping more and more hints about the next James Bond film.

    Daniel Craig attends 'Bond 22' filming in Tuscany in August

    Daniel Craig attends Bond 22 filming in Tuscany in August

    In his most recent interview, with, the actor confirmed the next 007 picture will commence filming on 4 January 2008.

    After claiming the screenplay for the film is complete (despite Paul Haggis’ comments to the contrary), Craig said he is kept appraised of everything as it is being written. “And if not, I am on the phone asking why,” the actor laughed.

    “This time, we’ve got Marc Forster on board. And we’ve also got Dennis Gassner, who is the designer from The Golden Compass, so there will be a change in the look and feel of the movie. Paul has put another great script in. So it’s just ours to f*** up. We’ve got to get on with it. And we have started. I’ve been pulled away to do this [interview]. We’re in rehearsals now. We start [filming] January 4th.”

    Previous filming for Bond 22 took place (SPOILERS) in Tuscany earlier this year.

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