1. David Arnold: A New Approach For 'Bond 22'

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-11-25
    David Arnold

    David Arnold

    Following up the phenomenal two-part interview with David Arnold, composer of the recent James Bond films, Stage & Screen Online has now posted the third and final part online, which was recorded earlier this month.

    Totaling 35 minutes, in this section of the interview, Arnold discusses with Tommy Pearson his work on some of his more recent smaller films plus his views on how to score films. Specific films discussed include Changing Lanes, Stoned (which was written by 007 scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade), Venus, Amazing Grace and this year’s Hot Fuzz.

    Arnold also mentioned a few of his upcoming projects, including next year’s Bond 22 (which he confirmed he would be returning to compose back in early October). ‘I think I’m going to be on Bond for quite a while this time,’ he said. ‘We’re going to be taking a different approach. I think I’m going to be exclusively on it for quite a while as soon as possible. I think Marc [Forster] likes to work really tightly with his composers and I think it will be a great benefit to the film.’

    ‘Last time in Casino Royale, it was an extraordinary kind of scheduling … the first day of recording was eight weeks to the day from the end of principal photography, which is silly in a way. I mean, it’s extraordinary that it turned out OK, but people ask me how long does it take to score a film and it’s like “it takes a long as you’re given to do it.” If you give me six months to do it, it’ll take me six months to do it. If you give me two weeks to do it, I’ll get it done in two weeks. I think the intention for [Bond 22] is to spend a long time and really work it out and make sure it’s doing the right thing. Marc is exactly the right person to be doing this film.’

    As Arnold previously mentioned in part two of this interview: ‘I haven’t seen the script yet [for Bond 22], but I met with the director, Marc Forster, and we had a very brief chat … in a way, I feel that this next one is the toughest one yet. It was much easier following up Die Another Day with a film where the general media response [regarding Craig’s announcement as the new 007] was “he’s not going to work…”. Following up something as commercially and critically successful as Casino Royale is a much tougher job. I think expectactions are much higher now.’

    To listen to the entire 35 minute interview with David Arnold, visit Stage & Screen Online via this link. The interview is also available to download as an MP3 file.

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