1. 12 Audio Bond Books In A Tin

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-11-25

    Not two days after The Literary 007 website reported that the new boxed set of Ian Fleming James Bond paperbacks were available for an amazing price of only £14.99 at comes the news of similar savings for yet another new literary Bond collection–the audiobooks.

    The site reports that are now offering 12 of Fleming’s 007 novels in audiobook form in a new tin case collection.

    ‘From planes to cars, trains to boats or even your very own sofa, this exciting CD collection of James Bond adventures can be taken with you wherever you go! Join the suave superspy as he pits his wits against some of the most evil criminal masterminds ever to grace the pages of a book. Read by Rufus Sewell and Samantha Bond, and presented in a stylish tin, this set will make a great gift for the 007 fan in your life.’

    All of Fleming’s Bond novels are included with the odd exceptions of Thunderball and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

    The best thing of all is the price. While this set has a retail price of £155.88, the Book People are selling it for only £21.99–a massive savings of over 85%. So if Bond audiobooks are you thing…

    Order James Bond 12 Audiobooks In A Tin from

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