1. More Location Scouting Taking Place In Austria

    By Tim Roth on 2007-11-23


    In July, CBn reported that the Floating Stage in Bregenz in Austria was under consideration as a location for Bond 22. A spokesperson for the Bregenz Festival back then confirmed a report by Austrian ORF Radio Vorarlberg, that “people from Pinewood Studios in London” have visited the location by end of June. In September, further locations in and around Bregenz were visited, namely the Kunsthaus and surrounding villages.

    Today, regional newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten reports that a team of location scouts has also visited the relatively small town of Feldkirch. Feldkirch is a medieval city in the western Austrian state of Vorarlberg, bordering Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Yesterday evening, the scouting team arrived at airport Friedrichshafen in Germany and went immediately to the ancient city centre of Feldkirch. There, they did not care that the traditional Christmas market was built up when they got there, instead, they were very interested in the historic brick work and the remarkable alcoves.

    Today, the location scouts met with the persons in charge of the town of Bregenz. According to ‘Vorarlberger Nachrichten’, no contracts regarding the use of the Floating Stage have been signed so far, but Gerhard Stuebe, executive director of the ‘Bregenzer Seespiele’, the company that produces the opera on the Bregenz Floating Stage, is optimistic about signing contracts as soon as possible. He indicated that they were already negotiating dates, because an extra performance of the current opera "Tosca" would have to take place sometime in spring. Normally, the operas are only performed during summer, but for the Bond people only a filming date in spring is possible.

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