1. Craig Mixes 007 With 'Edgy' Films At The Same Time

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-11-21

    In a new article posted at Variety’s Award Central, Daniel Craig’s many different film roles as actor has been put in the spotlight.

    As is the obvious case to 007 fans and the general public, Craig is now best known for his debut as James Bond in last year’s Casino Royale. Sam Mendes, who directed Craig in 2002’s Road To Perdition says he has defined his Bond by his tensions and contradictions: ‘You’re willing to accept him as a heroic character, but one who is prepared at any moment to do something deeply unheroic, and possibly immoral. That friction makes his Bond very interesting.’

    The same tension and contradictions that are present in Craig’s portrayal of Bond also work towards allowing him to make several other films, while still remaining agent 007 in a fan’s eyes.

    ‘Traditionally, what’s happened is that people have had to complete their outing as Bond, and go and do edgier films with a different flavor afterwards… Daniel will do both at once,’ says Kevin Loader, who produced The Mother and “Enduring Love, both featuring Craig. ‘That’s great for all of us who work in the edgier end of things. Hopefully, it will assist in bringing people to films they might not normally go to.’

    In addition to his recent appearance in The Invasion along with Nicole Kidman earlier this year, Craig’s other major film of 2007 is The Golden Compass, where he plays the role of Lord Asriel.

    ‘If you get the wrong actor, Asriel can come across as incredibly ruthless,’ says executive producer Ileen Maisel. ‘But with the right actor, he’s a courageous man seeking the greater good who is willing to be ruthless to achieve that. Daniel can play single-minded and have the audience embrace him, rather than turn them off.’

    The Golden Compass opens in December 2007. Other upcoming films for Craig include I, Lucifer, Flashbacks Of A Fool and Defiance. He returns as James Bond in Bond 22, due for release in November 2008.

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