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  1. Charlie Higson Says More Adult James Bond Novels On The Way

    The keen-eyed Literary 007 website has noted a particularly major piece of 007-related news that is included in the latest edition of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang magazine.

    In a featured panel disussion (which originally took place in November 2006) between Young Bond author Charlie Higson, composer David Arnold and main title designer Daniel Kleinman, Higson makes a brief mention that Ian Fleming Publications (IFP) are planning more adult James Bond books in the future.

    The key word to latch upon in Higson’s statement is ‘books’–not just one book, as in Sebastian Faulks’ upcoming centenary Bond novel, Devil May Care, but even more after that.

    This news sets the stage for a flood of new questions. Who will be writing these books? Faulks? Higson? Someone new? Is there going to be a long-running series? When will these books be coming out? It really is a good time to be a Bond fan.

    Do you have a specific question about the possibilities of new adult Bond novels? Or perhaps just a comment to make? Sound off here on the Forums.

    Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest literary James Bond news.

    Devin Zydel @ 2007-11-16