1. Cover Art For 'James Bond: The Authorised Biography' Paperback Reprint Revealed

    By Matt Weston on 2007-11-12

    K1Bond007 today highlights‘s updated listing for next year’s UK paperback reprint of John Pearson’s James Bond: The Authorised Biography Of 007 (like the recent UK hardback reissue, Of 007 has been dropped from the book’s title).

    'James Bond: The Authorised Biography Of 007'

    James Bond: The Authorised Biography Of 007

    In particular, the listing now features the saucy cover art that will adorn Arrow Books’ paperback edition, due out on 1 May 2008. Curiously, the cover features a quote from a recent Daily Mail review, which was largely critical of the book.

    First released in 1973, the book was reissued earlier this year by Century in a hardback edition. The metafictional novel purports to reveal the “true” story of Ian Fleming’s famous spy.

    The website also notes that‘s US listing for the book, which was recently pulled from the site, has since reappeared with a release date of 27 November 2007. The US site also lists a paperback edition to be released on 24 June 2008. However, both share the same cover art and ISBNs as the UK editions, which suggests the US listings merely advertise the UK editions being released in the United States.

    Keep watching the new-look for the latest literary James Bond news.