1. Corgi Celebrates Aston Martin 007 Milestone

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-11-09

    Corgi International Limited has presented licencing partner EON Productions with a commemorative plaque, after selling more than seven million units of the phenomenally popular James Bond model car–the Aston Martin DB5.

    Toy News reports that the company, famous among 007 fans for their vast collection of Bond-related die cast vehicles, also recently signed a new Worldwide Master Toy and Collectible License with EON, which will allow the company to produce and distribute action figures, vehicles, electronic role-play products, die-cast models, high specification RC items and high end replicas.

    The agreement (which was announced back in August of this year) runs through until 2010 and covers the James Bond classic movie archive, the upcoming Bond 22, which is due for release in 2008, and any other moves released during the term.

    Corgi has been a partner with EON Productions and their James Bond franchise for more than 40 years. The Aston Martin DB5, which was Corgi model #261, and initially launched in 1965 has remained one of the most popular Bond collectibles ever.

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